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Fandom Testimonials:

Mindy Lanie provides exemplary services for coordination of interpreting at fan conventions. As a substantially experienced interpreter in her own right and an avid enthusiast of science fiction, fantasy, anime, and other nerdy/geeky pursuits, she is uniquely qualified to understand the Deaf fans who come to conventions seeking access to the their favorite characters, authors, artists, and more. In addition, she has a wealth of coordination experience that allows her to make nuanced decisions regarding placing the appropriate interpreters at various venues to maximize the interpreters' success and the audience's enjoyment of the convention offerings. She is also adept at marshalling the local interpreter training programs to provide learning opportunities for fledgling interpreters and provide additional coverage of convention activities at low or no cost to the convention.

In short, Cons can only be more fun when made accessible to a range of fans and Lanie Sign Language Services may only be a one-woman shop, but her service level is bigger on the inside!

~ Andrea K. Smith, M.A., CI, CT, SC:L

I worked under Mindy Lanie at a Fandom Cone event. This venue had not before used interpreting services, and Mindy went above and beyond to assist in the planning and use of interpreters.

Because she has an extensive network of interpreters (stretching from California to the East Coast) some of whom have a specialty interpreting this genre, Mindy was able to not only secure the interpreters initially needed, but also have interpreters ready to be added if and when the event called for more.

In this case, the event was heavily attended by Deaf and hard of hearing folks. There were, I believe, two times where Mindy was asked to provide more coverage and she was able to do so.

From the perspective of doing the work, Mindy matched individual interpreters with the sessions they had the most knowledge of -- meaning an interpreter who could recite lines from Star Trek was not put into a grapic/comic centered session, but instead utilized to provide services for a Star Trek panel.

But, securing interpreters and additional backups, and making sure the skills and knowledge of the interpreters is put to best use, isn�t where Mindy's expertise and services end. During the event, there were times when individuals (or small groups) who used interpreting services were somewhere an interpreter hadn't been assigned. Mindy was able to ameliorate these situations by crafting a new schedule on the fly.

In short, you may have a choice between agencies or contractors to provide sign language interpreting services at your Con event, but I feel pretty strongly that Mindy is the best choice for efficient and effective services, and someone willing to work with you as needed each step of the way.

~ Cheryl* Ringel, M.A., CI, CT, NAD IV

Testimonial: Adam Stone

I first worked with Mindy when I was a high school student in San Diego--she was among my favorite interpreters during that time! Her warm presence brightened up the classroom, and she established a quick rapport with the instructor. She blended in the room like one of us, and most importantly, did not make me feel "different" than the hearing students in my class. Mindy is my model for how a professional interpreter should look and act. Five years later, after college, I had an interview with a U.S. Senator's office aide, and much to my surprise, Mindy was assigned to my appointment from Congressional Special Services Office. It was an interview I had been trying to land for weeks, and I could not have picked a better interpreter to work with as I met with the office aide for 45 minutes. She enabled smooth and clear communication between us, and felt like a natural extension of our meeting. I would be delighted to work with her again anytime, especially regarding Congressional affairs.

Adam Stone
Deaf Client

Testimonial: Miriam Thompson

Mindy has worked for me in three different settings. In a post secondary educational setting focusing on art and business, Mindy interpreted for me 3 quarters at The Art Institute of California-San Diego. She matched the various teaching styles/personalities and was able to interpret a wide variety of concepts both actual and abstract. She captured everything the teacher and students said including technical terms. Mindy voice interpreted all my questions and presentations very well and she is clear and easy to understand.

In a Lamaze class (the entire session of 6 classes) and the pre delivery meeting with all the expecting mothers, she interpreted with professionalism and ease even with sensitive or uncomfortable topics. We were also fortunate to have Mindy interpret through the births of both our children via Cesarean. She was there for the entire birth process from the prep through delivery, as well as helping me when I was sick due to the medication. After baby was born she was flexible and understanding when I was heavily medicated.

I feel very comfortable recommending Mindy Lanie for education and medical interpreting--she was fabulous. I only hope that we can further monopolize her time if I choose to go to school or have more children. You will be very pleased with her skill level and ability to adapt to any environment she is confronted with, and you will want her to return again and again.

Miriam Thompson
Deaf Client

Testimonial: Don Thompson

As a hearing husband of a Deaf Wife and a fellow interpreter I was very impressed with Mindy Lanie when she interpreted for my wife. She was prompt, on time, and very professional in dress and manner. She showed professionalism and tact pertaining to possible embarrassing situations with the delivery. I have also had the opportunity of working with Mindy as a co interpreter on several occasions. She was wonderful to work with, easy and laid back. As a Coordinator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at The University of Maryland, I schedule interpreting services for students, staff, faculty and visitors. I hire a variety of interpreters, and it is always a pleasure to have Mindy work on campus. I know I can trust her for my interpreting needs.

Don Thompson
Hearing Client