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Decades of Community Interpreting Experience

Mindy Lanie has over a decade of community interpreting experience ranging from one on one appointments to conference settings. She enjoys the variety that community interpeting provides and always looks forward to new people and situations.

Below is a sampling of community interpreting Mindy Lanie has done:

  • Appointments at the Department of Rehabilitation and the Social Security Administration
  • Catholic, Protestant and Non-denominational weddings, baptisms, mass/church services and funeral services
  • Classes, videotapes, and teleconferences at colleges and universities
  • Medical seminars and appointments
  • Business meetings
  • National Book Fair
  • Tyson / McBride Pro Boxing Event
  • California Governor Grey Davis Political Rally
  • San Diego Comic Convention
  • San Diego County Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Annual Banquet
  • Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Annual Banquet
  • National Anthem at San Diego Padres and Gulls games
  • San Diego Gay Pride Main Stage Performances
  • Nobel Chemistry Prize winner lecture